Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yellow Light

Last week, Owen came home with his first "yellow light" from school. This is a behavior system his teacher uses in the classroom. The goal is to stay on green and Owen has stayed on green the entire year, except for last Wednesday. His chart said, "too rough during recess" and "tapping on the window of another classroom while sitting out during recess--distracting." I could tell something was wrong the minute he got off of the bus. He was quick to tell me what had happened. He was very honest. We talked about the situation and how he needs to always be a good boy, even if it was funny when his friend Ben "shook his booty" at the classroom. Owen said that was much worse than tapping on the window. I tried very hard not to smile or laugh. I think I would have laughed if I had a friend brave enough to "shake their booty" at a "big kid" classroom.

I use that story to preface what we have been dealing with at the Roemer house lately: pushing the limits, testing the boundaries, deliberately disobeying, etc. Owen has really been challenging me lately. Yes, my sweet little boy is causing me to get down on my knees and pray. I know I'm not "doing" this parenting thing right. I give too many chances, I give in, I cave. I want Owen to know that he must always respect and honor his parents and those in authority. I'm resting in the promise that God will guide us through this phase.

He does it again...my Savior guides me to truth in just one singular moment. I click over to my devotional spot: aholyexperience.com and I find a solution.

The title: How to Make and Take a Peace Retreat
A few words that pricked these tired eyes:

This house rocks with the noise and the thunder, of the many and the living close.

I light a candle. We call it a Peace Retreat.

When tears rain and voices crash, domestic sky splitting with sibling storm, this Mama who sometimes wearies Mama needs arms to wrap up the gusting child or the wind-lashed child to tuck them — and me — into a haven out of the whirlwind, a place with moments to pause and quiet.

“Hon, you’ve some big feelings…. Can we wrap you up in some peace?”

He nods through the wail. I take him by the hand, whisper as he sits, “Why don’t you read Scripture for a few minutes, pray, sing a bit, find some rest in Jesus….”

A Mama can’t fix a squall. But she can embrace and rock and lead to the Man Who can.

I can't fix it all, but I can lead my little man to THE MAN!

I will find a way to wrap him up in peace. I will find a way into his questioning and testing heart. This is the time in which I can mold and shape him. His brother is being shaped as well. Little baby girl, even though she does not speak words we understand, is watching my love, my consistency, and my grace.

Here I go...moving out of the Yellow Light.

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c. said...

i LOVE this!
i actually have read that post before, and it is SO good to remember.
what a beautiful thought.
we CAN'T do it.
but He can.
whew! (again!)

love you! (and love the 'take two' photo!)