Wednesday, November 4, 2009

...and when the weather is GREAT!

This weekend the sun came out and warmed our little part of Lincoln right up. The boys spent the entire weekend outside raking leaves, making "squirrel nests" out of leaves, making leaf forts, playing with worms in the ditch, throwing the worms in a box and throwing worms at each other. I LOVE my boys...all three of them!

When the weather is ok...

We eventually went outside last week, even though is was sprinkling. I think all boys need to be outside at least once a day. Eli's friend Jayce came over with his mommy and my friend Erin. Owen still calls him "Baby Jayce" even though he is only 3 months younger than Eli. The boys played, fought over who would get to ride the trike and even tried to rake!

When the weather is bad...

We have had about 2 weeks of no sun and a lot of rain. When this happens, my boys get a little crazy so we have to create fun inside of our home. We often make "forts" out of all of the couch cushions, but this was the biggest yet. Owen also decided to make a train out of all of our chairs and stools. Owen was the conductor, I was a passenger and Eli was the caboose. CHOO CHOO, so much fun at the Roemer house!