Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My leader

You taught me how to be a mommy. You were my first born. We learned together. We taught each other. I have never met a child so committed to what is right. I watch you grow into a boy and am in awe of your intelligence and strength. Those wide eyes are always searching for something to learn, to teach and even to challenge. Owen, you continue to make me the mommy I should be. I look at you and am reminded every day of God's creativity and grace.

My beautiful boy

I still marvel at you when you sleep. Those lashes, those cheeks, those lips and that nose. You still seem to be my baby. I guess that never leaves, but there is something about you Eli that catches my breath, that makes me marvel at God's creation. What a gift God gave me in that. I can just look at you and am reminded of His perfect artistry.

My Girl

These pigtails have gotten so long. Time is slipping right through my fingers, but I'm holding every moment in my heart. Every dream I ever had for and with you is coming true. I write down moments with you so I don't forget. They may not make it to the cyber world, but I will forever have them etched on paper (the way I prefer). I just thought the world might want to see your perfect little head from my perspective.