Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Things I Don't Want to Forget

***On Owen: When you pray at bedtime you ask God to help you be a good Christian. You thank him for the good and the bad. You see how both are blessings. How wise you are! You were very nervous about 1st grade. I was surprised by this because you are always so confident when it comes to school. You protect Eli. You wanted to make sure Eli would sit by you on the bus just in case he fell asleep on the way home. You wanted to be there for him if he wanted to lay on your lap (tear from mommy). You want EVERYTHING to be fair. You thrive on rules. You are crushed if you think the rules are not fair. ***On Eli: Your prayers go like this, "Dear God, thank you for Mommy, Daddy, Owen, Eli and Ella. Help me be good. Help me be good to others. Help me be nice to friends and Owen and Ella. Help for me to love people. Help for me to love you. Help for me to......(we sometimes have to cut you off because you could go all night)but you always gets in "help for me to be a good Christian." You whispered in my ear yesterday, "Mommy, Did you know some kids grow up to be teenagers?" You had a silly little smile on your face like you were saying something kind of sneaky. (I told him he would be a teenager someday and he said..."NO, that's silly!" I'm not sure what his definition of a teenager is yet. I think it has something to do with boys liking girls and going on dates. Owen has talked about that a bit lately). You get some of your phrasing off and it's so cute. Example: I didn't get to play much time on the Wii, outside, etc. Your hair is really blonde after being in the sun in Florida for 2 weeks. You are one handsome little blonde, tan boy! ***On Ella: You had a vocabulary explosion over vacation. You added a few new words everyday while we were there. Here are a few: goggles, cookies, cracker, baby No NO (baby Noah). You have really started speaking in sentences. Examples: "Baby No No says Wa Wa." "I wan up." "Come on." "All done." "Sit down" "Outside, I walk." You know and say most of your body parts. The boys taught you to say toot. You point to your bottom and say "tut" It's cute, even if slightly inappropriate. You tell everyone "Hi" and "bye bye." I could list so much more, but I'll stop there. You are VERY outgoing! You are the most expressive child I have ever met. I need to post a recording of some of your responses. You still are not the best sleeper....which is why I need to end this list and go to bed! Love my babies. Don't want to forget these moments!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ella-20 months

Ella adores her "Bitty Baby." She had to make a brief appearance for this month's photo session. I love watching her pretend to be a little mommy. It's amazing to watch your very own daughter mimic every little thing you do. She rubs bitty baby's back, pats her bottom, kisses her, wraps her up in blankies... Sometimes I just watch her (when she doesn't know) and marvel at this little miracle that is growing up right before my eyes.

Ella-19 months (way overdue)

This summer has been crazy. A good crazy, but time has not been something I have had to spare. I managed to get a picture of Ella every month, but did not have time to edit and post them That is obvious by my absence from this blog. Summer is coming to an end and with that, comes routine and more time to use as I wish. So, here are several posts chronicling my sweet baby girl each month,