Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Birthday Boys

February is a month of cold, cold and more cold. It's a hard month to get through for some, but not for the Roemer family. Our precious boys were born this month. Owen on February 13th, 2006 and Eli on February 12th 2008. It makes me a very busy mommy now that they are in school, but I LOVE it. Yesterday was amazing because Aaron had the day off so he came to the school with me to bring in Eli's birthday snacks. I wish I could have snapped a picture of Eli's face when he saw his Daddy! It's unexpected to see a parent in the classroom in general, but to see his Daddy made him soar. I love that he sees his Daddy as a hero. Aaron said as he gave Eli a big hug, a little boy, who we know has a rougher home life, had tears in his eyes as he watched their moment together. We asked ourselves, "Does he have a daddy? Has he been hurt by his? What happens at his home?" Aaron immediately went over to the little boy and gave him a high five and patted his back. The smile was instant and didn't leave his face as long as Aaron was nearby. It amazes me how instinctual love is, how easily we can trust when the person deserves it. That little boy knew my husband was a good man, a good father and even a friend for the small amount of time we were there. I have been and will continue to pray for him and ways we can create safety in his life. **Today was Owen's day. Kindergarten and 2nd grade is so vastly different! Chaos verses order is one way to put it. In honor of Owen's birthday we played Heads up 7-UP. I didn't know that game was still running strong just as it did when I was in grade school! It was so fun to see Owen in his element, loving his class, his teacher and his friends. He really has such a great group of kids. I will say it's different for me as a mommy to hear about the several crushes that are beginning to form on my oldest son. I know he is charming, so I knew this would come. It's cute right now. We will have to see how cute it is in a few more years. I pray constantly that I will raise Owen as a man of God, so I know he has the foundation to be a man of integrity, chivalry and honor. I pray this for both of my boys. I pray that I, with Aaron's help, can raise them to be men like their Daddy! I am so blessed to have that man in my life. So, this week is a week that I celebrate the three most important boys to me. (I could add a fourth because my Daddy ranks up there too.) I don't deserve to be blessed like this, but God never said I had to deserve it, did He? He blesses me because he loves me! Thank you Lord!