Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pure and Rich

I have been her only source of nourishment. There is a bond that we have, that all three of us have had. They each stared at me, nuzzling in for peace. This is the time to stop each day. Four or five times that force me to sit, to rest, to relish the miracle of life I hold and possess. My Savior thought of this. He created this free offering of food. My milk is pure, just as He is. My milk is rich, just as He is. My milk is the source of growth and change, just as He changes us all. I think His hand is in all things around me. I think he made this act so pure and rich so that I would think of Him each and every time I do it.

She may be moving on to a spoon, but I still have her in my arms four to five times a day, providing her life....from my life.

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