Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It Takes Three Baby!

I was with a large group of my girlfriends last night. We talked, laughed, shared stories, told baby and birthing stories, laughed some more, ate, hugged, and ate some more. I realized as I looked around the table that each one of these women had a "mother story" to tell. I wished that we had unlimited time to share each story, to offer encouragement, to lift each other up. We really only had time to share a snip it of our lives in the midst of several conversations. When asked how I was dealing with three, I said, "It's hard. Much harder than two." I didn't mean I don' t love it. I simply wanted to express that being a mom to 3 children, 5 and under is a lot of work. When I left that night and started reflecting on our conversations, I wanted to go back and tell my friends, especially those I don't see, but once a year, that I love my life with three. I love every minute of it. The good, the bad, the perfect...and yes, I do have many perfect moments in this life. So, if you are reading this sweet, beautiful friends. I love the challenge of this amazing life. I love that I have to break up fights between my boys. I love that Owen can make Ella laugh no matter what is going on. I love that Eli looks up to Owen as if he is his role model. I love how Owen made his bed this morning without being asked. I love that Eli wanted to snuggle in bed with me when he woke up...and Owen wanted to too once he woke up. I love "chasing" Owen to the bus (our fun little game every school morning). I love kissing Ella's soft, chubby cheeks. I love forts, cookie making, painting, dirt, hugs, kisses, messes, snuggles, nap times, prayers, stories, books, toys, chores, clothes, pretending......
I LOVE MY LIFE and not just when they are napping!!!!

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