Tuesday, March 8, 2011


What would I do without this time? This is my devotional time, time to sit in silence, to reflect on my day. While I put each child down, I pray long, silent prayers for them. I pray as they drift off to sleep. I pray for their hearts, their future wives and husband. I pray for their purity. I pray for their faith, their strength, their health, their wisdom and their salvation. I can raise them to love the Lord. I can show them what a love- filled marriage looks and sounds like. I can take them to church, read the Holy Word to them, and pray with them, but I cannot force my faith in God on them when they are older. So, I will model now. I will guide now. I will pray without ceasing, for there will come a day when they are on their own and they will make their own choices. I want those choices to be bathed in their mother's prayer, prayer that often ends on my knees and with tears. I have been blessed with healthy, whole, intelligent and lovely babies. I don't have to pray by a hospital bedside, begging for life, begging for healing. I pray prayers of thanksgiving, thanking God for this simple and beautiful life. We have had our need for begging prayer. There have been broken bones, stitches, hurt feelings, and frustration, but we have been blessed with peace in our family. There may be a day when darkness comes and I will pray then as well. I will never stop praying for these little lives that are a part of me, part of this miracle, life.

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