Friday, December 11, 2009

Taking time to Stop and Rest

I've been running around like crazy this past month. My masters, teaching at LCU, holiday prep, taking care of the boys, trying to get a run in, etc. have all kept me in this whirlwind. I have been working frantically on my homework while the boys nap and yesterday Eli decided to wake up 3 times during his nap. He has a cold with a cough, which often causes restlessness. I knew I would just have to rock him, but I actually said to myself, "Just give me a break Eli. I need this time to myself." I'm sure all moms have said this when a child refuses to nap, drops a nap, etc. Naps are precious to moms. It's our only alone time. At times, it allows me to regain my patience and perspective. But, in the moment of rocking Eli back to sleep, I realized that there is no better time than this. A moment of complete silence, looking at my baby boy sleep and learning to rest myself. That is one of the most valuable lessons my children have taught simply stop and rest. It is in these moments that I find myself again. I would fail a masters assignment, forget to grade a paper and even skip 3 days of running, just to hold my baby in my arms and REST.

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