Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Pefect Little Hat

We have had the joy of having Aaron's cousin and his family here for 6 days. They are our best friends, so we have called each other cousins since we met, even though Dottie and I are cousins-in-law...if there is such a thing. Owen and Quarton are 2nd cousins and best friends. Eli and Carilyn are too far apart in age to really "play" yet, but I bet they will love each other some day too. I have many pictures to post of our fun together, but today I wanted to post the perfect hat Dottie made for me while they were here. We had a shopping day yesterday and she took me to pick out the yarn. She whipped this puppy out in one evening and part of this morning. She is my idol. I love you Dottie...for little things like a perfect winter hat and for the big things, like being my best friend and second Mommy to my boys. I miss you already. I'm so glad we will be together for the Holidays this year.

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