Sunday, May 3, 2009

He's Walking

My little man finally decided to truly walk on his own for my brother's wedding. He really took off Thursday night at the rehearsal. It was like he knew he had a job to do on Saturday. The plan was to carry Eli down and hold Owen's hand. Owen was fine going down on his own so I put Eli down to walk the aisle, but he was so impressed with the flowers and people I had to carry him so that we could get "the show on the road." Both boys were so handsome. Truly stylish in their little tuxes.

We had so much fun this weekend. We laughed, cried, DANCED (Owen pulled out some sweet break dance moves we hadn't seen since 1988. We are not sure where he learned those) and cherished so many memories. It was so good to be with family and friends. Life is good and love makes it perfect!


Vanessa said...

Everything looked so beautiful. I really wish that I could've been there. Love you all.


Erin A said...

Yay, go Eli! You guys look great!