Friday, April 17, 2009

My God is MIGHTY!

I am constantly amazed at the mind of my three-year-old. Yesterday, while at the park, Owen fell and hurt his back. I was a little worried at first, but he seemed to bounce back rather quickly. He complained about it a little at nap time and like always, he told me that God and Jesus would heal it. When he woke up he ran to me with true excitement saying, "My back is better. God and Jesus healed it because they are MIGHTY!" I wondered if he knew what mighty meant or if he had recently learned a song at church with this new word. He told me, "It means they are very, very strong!"

Owen and Eli remind me daily that we serve a MIGHTY GOD!!

I am also head over heals in love with my sweet Eli. He is trying so hard to walk. He walks across the living room, around the kitchen, but just won't take off by himself for long distances. At times he looks at me with those precious eyes as if to say, "I'll do it soon Mommy. Just let me do things on my own time." And here I am typing this and crying because I want him to do all things in his own pressure, just pure joy. I want every day to be like today when he is amazed at the breeze, the sunshine and sticky fingers from ice cream. I'll let you take your time Eli and I'll treasure every moment I get to share with you.

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