Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wonderful Daddy

Lately, Owen has been saying that he doesn't love his Daddy. He explains like this: "I just don't have enough room in my heart. I have God, Jesus, and Mommy in there." He'll tell Aaron, "Tell my Mommy that I love her." He even starts to say I love you, but it goes like this: "I love yo---Mommy." I know he doesn't mean it. I know boys go through phases like this and I must say, it's good for my self esteem, but what he doesn't know is how blessed he is to have Aaron as his Daddy. He is an amazing man. He is strong and gentle. He is dedicated and present. I never fear for my family. He makes our home safe. He makes me strong.
So, Owen I know you say you don't love your Daddy now, but one day you will see that you are who you are because you had a Father who always said he loved you. You had a father who was firm, yet gentle. You had a Father who followed his Heavenly Father with his whole heart and taught you to never lose your childlike faith.

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Brookelyn said...

that was very beautiful!