Friday, August 29, 2008

Owen Graduates!

I LOVE our church. We have an amazing childrens program. Owen has made the toddler room his church home for over a year and last Sunday it was time for him to graduate. Yes, that's right. A real graduation ceremony, invitations, cap and certificate. I couldn't believe how cute the formal invitation was when it came in the mail. There was even a little insert with his name and the font was embossed. To be honest, I cried! This is just the beginning of the many steps Owen will take. I thought back to all of my graduation celebrations and only remembered feeling happy. I never thought about how my parents might be feeling...bitter sweet feelings because each move up meant saying goodbye was coming closer. I know I have 16 plus years with Owen, but I also know that if the rest of his life goes as fast as these 2 and half years did, he will be out of the house before I know it. For now, I will treasure my little boy. I will give him plenty of hugs and kisses, hold him in my lap and sing songs to him in bed (while he still loves all of those things).

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Lincoln's bLog said...

Congratulations, Owen. I know it's a hard time. Just wait until the DVD comes and you can watch it over and over again. We still do! Love you guys,
The Keiths