Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Coming Home

It's always hard to come back from vacation. It's even harder to come back from a 2 week vacation with both sets of grandparents, an uncle, soon to be aunt, and daddy! Wow, did I love the extra help.

It does feel good to be home. To have our routine back. To smell the smells of our 100 year old home, hear the creaks that the stairs make, nurse in Eli's nursery (in the best chair ever) while Owen plays his piano for me, sleep next to Aaron in our bed (we had to push two twins together on vacation), take walks in the morning and play at the park at night. I have become quite nostalgic since our return. There are so many memories for our family in this house, on this block, in this town. I feel blessed to be back from vacation, even if there is no beach and extra hands to help!

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The McLeese Family said...

I will say it is always nice to sleep in your own bed no matter how great the vacation was. Great pictures and will talk to you soon :)