Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sweets with the Sweetie

 Eli LOVES to be a helper and he loves to bake.  Almost every day he wants to make some type of treat.  I know he likes the sweets, but I also know he loves this time with me.  It's a  time when he can be messy.  It's a time just for the two of us.  It's kind of "our thing."  This Christmas we made peppermint fudge and Eli was helpful like always.  He also likes to sneak other treats while working (note the cookie).  I do have to the share this extremely EASY recipe.  It's a 3 minute, 3 ingredient recipe.  Perfect for the busy holiday season.

1 14 oz can of condensed milk
1 package of Andes mint chips
1 package of semi-sweet morsels

Combine chips in bowl
Mix in condensed milk
Microwave for 3 min
Pour in pan and let cool
Add crushed peppermint candies 

I also want to remember a few other things about Eli.  
*He calls the movie theater, the movie-ve-ater
*He had his adenoids and tonsils removed mid-December and proved once again how brave and resilient he is
*He had a little mickey mouse voice for about a week after this.  It was ADORABLE.
*He can't get enough of his Nintendo DS or the Wii.  He is my little technology boy.  He knows more about an I-Pad than I do.
*He loves to read books with me, but only in his bedroom.
*He adores Ella, calling her "sweet little chubby cheeks" and "baby chubs."  He often comes running upstairs to take a bath with her, even if he is doing something more fun.  He just can't get over how soft she is.  He's not too old to share a bath with his sister yet!
*He had his first bout of the flu in December.  That kid had never vomited before.  He had also never been on an antibiotic till this fall.  He is one healthy boy.  The removal of his tonsils was due to sleep apnea issues.
*He is tall and VERY skinny.
*He loves school and riding the bus, even though he was pushed to the ground on the bus last week.  (This mommy got a little territorial on that one)
*When nap time comes and I'm snuggled next to him in his bed, he just stares at me, telling me I'm his best friend.  I tell him I could stare at those amazing eyes all day but, it's time to sleep.  Last week he looked at me and said, "Mommy, you are so pretty.  I could stare at you forever."  Then he wants to have a staring contest, which he always wins.  
*There are thousands of other memories, some I'll keep close to my heart, some I'll forget and some I won't even know are shaping him into the man he will become.


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