Monday, December 19, 2011

My Girl

There are still moments I can't believe that you are mine
I love how you crinkle your nose
clap your hands
sign more, please, and all done
I love how you say, DaDa, MaMa, BuBu, Baby, PaPa, and More
I love how you always want me
I love every quiet moment I get with you
I like the loud moments too
I love that you pull out every cookbook, pot, pan, and utensil while I cook
I even love how you take out all of my toiletries from the vanity while I get ready
There are times I act exasperated by your constant movement and destructive ways
(Daddy calls you "The Ella Twister"--you can always tell where Ella has been)
I really just want to stop that silly "perfect mommy behavior" and love you for who you are right now
I'm not supposed to have a tidy house, I'm just supposed to love you with all I have
I will slow down this Christmas and cherish every little part of OUR LOVE

Picture taken by my dear friend Erin Keith

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