Friday, September 23, 2011

What is it about silence?

Why is silence like medicine for my soul? When all of my babies are sleeping the lack of sound in my home is so comforting. I want to remember this peace. I know that all three are safe. I know all three are dreaming and growing at this very moment.

I usually don't have Owen home for a nap because he is at school, but he had an early dismissal today so he is sleeping away with the others. I was so excited to pick him up. Eli was even more excited. You should have seen them pretend when they got home. It was a full extravaganza, including Ella.

You know, silence is what allows me to reflect on moments like these. Allows me to lock them up tight in my heart and then rush to the computer or their baby books to record them.

Today I will use this silence to remember two little boys pretending to be bees, back packs on their backs, swords for stingers and little arms outstretched like wings. And one little baby bee in her pack-n-play protecting all of the pollen, each boy hopping in, one at a time to make a delivery of tickles and laughter.

Laughter, giggles, singing, a little yelling, more I'm ready for the noise!

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