Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Don't Want to Forget

I want to hold on to this moment. I want to savor her sweet smell. I want to hear her giggle.
It's our alone time. Just me and Ella. Just me and my girl. We went for a walk this morning once the boys got on the bus. She babbled the entire time. It was as if she was telling me her dreams. Of course, I joined in on the dialogue, acting as if we were having an adult conversation.

When we got home, a moment happened. I very small thing. Something another person would not even notice. I was holding Ella, walking around the house, when I realized she had her little arm slung over my shoulder. Her tiny hand was patting me. It felt so good. Her sweet, soft chubby little hand giving me a little bit of comfort. She is mimicking her Mommy and Daddy. She is loved and already knows how to show that love. Oh, I know she doesn't know what she's doing, but that makes it even better. She does this out of instinct. She loves me because it's all she knows.

She snuggles me as I put her down for her morning nap. Another moment I want to remember. She sits on my lap, facing me and buries her head in my chest. She snuggles in, slowly relaxing....and then I place her in her crib. She looks at me, smiles and rolls to her side. "Sweet dreams baby girl. Your mommy will never forget these moments."

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