Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Blanky Blue, Baby Bear and Ella Claire

It's one of those perfect days here at the Roemer house. The boys woke up in good moods, Owen was off to school with a smile on his face and hugs for his brother and mommy. Ella has become quite the Baby Wise baby, taking naps right on schedule and without a fight. This allows for lots of quality time with Eli, which he needs so much. I have read, played, painted, pretended, sword fought, ate, tickled, read some more, napped, nursed, and just now put Eli down for his nap. I had to make sure he had his Blanky Blue. As I walked out of the boys' room, I spotted Owen's Baby Bear next to Owen's pillow and I felt tears prick my eyes. I grabbed that Baby Bear and headed out the door. I hugged that bear just like Owen does and then started to cry. Why? Because that bear smells like my Owen, feels like my Owen, reminds me of Owen. And my little boy is at school, growing up (and loving every minute of it). I am so happy all of my children love their lives, their adventures, and their simple comforts like Baby Bear and Blanky Blue. Who knows who Ella will have? Will it be the Blanky Pink Eli has set aside for her? Will it be the adorable bear Uncle Jason and Aunt Andrea got her? Or will it be the blanket Uncle Joel made for Owen that Ella seems to like currently? It doesn't really matter, but I like to think of Ella's future without feeling sad, but hopeful. I'm learning that as a Mom, there are days my heart just aches for each of my little creations. It aches for the time that has passed so quickly.

The days are long, but the years are short. I want to personally thank Baby Bear and Blanky Blue for making those days a little shorter and for comforting my sweet little men along the way. I sure hope you stick around for a long time! If you are around, I still have my babies.

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