Monday, September 15, 2008

Am I good enough?

I often wonder if I'm really good enough to be a mommy, wife and teacher. I wonder if I will ever keep the house as clean as it should be, the laundry done and in the drawers, supper on the table and tasty, patient enough to teach, love and heal hurts. I really don't think I am and so I rely on ways to find inspiration. I recently found I don' t know who the woman is that posts these profound thoughts with such honesty and spirituality. I only hope that her words can encourage me to be better at all of the roles I must play in this life.


beegracious said...

I hear ya, sister! Good thing we have Supernatural Help! Cool site, too.

'becca said...

i love her words - i have become a more frequent reaader of her blog as the days pass. our family was recently challenged by her post a couple of years ago about gratitude. love to you and yours ~