Thursday, August 25, 2011

This ache in my heart....

Wow, this two boys in school thing is making my heart hurt. Eli only goes to school for half days on Tuesday and Thursday, so yesterday was his turn to stay home. Every morning last year, Owen and I would play tag in our drive way as we waited for the bus. Of course, this tradition had to continue with Eli and Ella joining in. Ella is quite speedy in her stroller. The boys came up with some super hero name for our "girl dynamic duo." They will have to remind me what that is. You should see me push that baby! We were laughing and chasing, when I spotted the bus. I ushered Owen to the end of the drive and Eli quickly followed. We held hands and said our family prayer (a new tradition I love--you should here how compassionate my boys are and how often they think of each other) and then prepared for the bus to roll by and stop. Eli just assumed he would get on the bus too. When I had to hold him back, he looked a little sad, but was ok. Then Owen walked up the stairs and waved to Eli saying, "I'll see you soon buddy." And that's when Eli started to cry. Not just a few tears, he was sobbing. I asked him if he was crying because he wanted to ride the bus and he shook his head no. I asked if he was crying because Owen was leaving? He shook his head yes and said, "I miss my Owen." Guess who started crying at that point? I am so glad they are best friends. I'm so glad that Owen protects his baby brother. I am so glad Eli looks up to his big brother. I remember my wonderful friend C, telling me how beautiful the bond between siblings would be. I just had no idea it would be such a blessing. So....I do have an ache in my heart for my boys. I miss hearing them giggle, pretend, wrestle, fight, laugh, and so much more. But, I do know they have each other in that big world of school. I know they will have each other for as long as they live. Now, I can live with a little ache.

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