Thursday, September 17, 2009


I am typing this in a new home, at a new table, with a new view. I can look out of my window and simply see trees. No cars, no voices, just birds and acorns falling from the tree down to our roof. This is a much needed view for me. I have needed quiet, peace and solitude. To be honest, I haven't taken time to be at peace with God in a long time. I had stopped doing Pilates, which was one way to quiet my mind, my time in the Word had been sparse and my prayer life was getting that way too.

I have chosen to find Him again and in doing so, I have found myself. This has happened to me many times before and I'm amazed at how Christ welcomes me home again. I have never run away from Him. I've never been rebelious. People who know me, know that. But, I have left Him on "call waiting" for far too long. I write this to encourage you and to remind myself that we are never too far from the One who longs to be near us. He's waiting...are you ready to pick up the phone?

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