Thursday, March 26, 2009


Owen has started asking "Why?" in response to everything!
It's time for your nap...why
It's time for bed...why
Why did Jesus die on the cross?
Why did Noah not get a punishment? What is a punishment?
Why can't I run in the street? Why Mama, why?
Why can't I go to swimming lessons NOW?
The list could go on for days.

Last night, Aaron wanted to test him on this so when Owen told Aaron that he loved him, Aaron asked, "Why?"
Owen: Because I love you.
Aaron: Why?
Owen: I just do, I love you.
Aaron: Why?
Owen: Because that's what love is. It's how I feel.
Aaron: I love you too buddy.

I love to listen in on moments like this. I want to hold all three of my boys and tell them I love them...just because that's what love is.