Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I can't believe October has already passed! As you can see, Eli was a sweet baby lion (Owen's costume at this age) and Owen was an Illini "football player." We had great fun trick or treating at the girl's dorm at LCC. Many of Owen's favorite people are there. Both boys are growing up right before my eyes. I had to snap pictures of Eli when we had time alone before the big night. It was a beautiful fall day to be out on the front porch. He is just so calm and even tempered. A perfect muse for my camera! It's difficult to get Owen to stand still for a second, so he was a little harder to capture. Daddy took some great pictures the other day of Owen while he was playing. Those will be up soon. I guess I better prepare for the holiday season. Christmas will be here before I know it. I must take time to stop and breathe in deeply the sweet fragrance of memories being made. Like I always say, life goes by too quickly, especially with a little lion cub and a football player!

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